Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PAI Palooza?

PAI Palooza is a series of AI-focused hackathons organized by KWAAI.AI, formatted as Startup Weekend events. These hackathons aim to bring together developers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, and AI enthusiasts to innovate, collaborate, and create cutting-edge AI solutions.

Who can attend PAI Palooza?

Anyone with an interest in AI and technology can attend. This includes developers, designers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, students, and professionals. Whether you're an experienced hacker or new to hackathons, you'll find a place at PAI Palooza.

How do I register for the event?

You can register for PAI Palooza through our official LUMA page. Detailed instructions and registration forms are provided there. Make sure to sign up early as spots may be limited.

Is there a registration fee?

Registration fees vary depending on the event location and duration. Please check the specific event details on our website for accurate information. In most markets attendance will be FREE to a certain capacity, so we suggest you register early!

What should I bring to the hackathon?

Bring your laptop, charger, and any other hardware or software tools you might need. Deodorant, and snacks if your allergen sensitive. It's also a good idea to bring business cards, notebooks, sketch books, and anything else that will help you collaborate and network effectively. Most important, bring a positive attitude and good vibes.

What if I don’t have an idea to pitch?

That's perfectly fine! You can join a team that is working on an idea that interests you. Hackathons are a great opportunity to learn, collaborate, and contribute to exciting projects.

Will there be mentors available?

Yes, we will have experienced mentors from various fields including AI, machine learning, data science, and entrepreneurship. They will be available throughout the event to provide guidance and support.

What are the judging criteria?

Projects will be judged based on several criteria including innovation, impact, technical complexity, and feasibility. Specific criteria may vary by event, so please check the event details.

Are there prizes for the winning teams?

Yes, there are prizes for the winning teams. Prizes can include cash awards, tech gadgets, mentorship opportunities, and more. Details about the prizes will be announced closer to the event date.

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