We need Mentors of all types in all Markets

Join us as a mentor for Techstars StartUp Weekend PAI Palooza! We're inviting experienced professionals to guide and inspire participants from July 19-21 in the bay area. This vibrant event offers a unique opportunity to help aspiring innovators turn their groundbreaking ideas into successful startups.

As a mentor, you'll share your expertise, offer strategic advice, and provide encouragement to a diverse group of eager learners. Come share your wisdom, and help launch the next hot AI StartUp.


Measurable Impact.

By joining us at Techstars StartUp Weekend PAI Palooza, you’ll impact many aspiring entrepreneurs, fostering skills and confidence that extend well beyond the weekend. Ready to make a difference? Fill out the registration form below and join us in shaping the future of innovation.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded enthusiasts and showcase your skills while networking at our AI-focused hackathons in 10 cities.
Networking Opportunities

KWAAI Mentor Network

You’ll also connect with fellow mentors and industry leaders, expanding your network and staying abreast of the latest in AI and technology.

Professional Growth

Your role is crucial in nurturing their development, offering insights, and helping refine their pitches.

Shape the Future of Personal AI

Guiding Aspiring AI Entrepreneurs.

Expert Guidance
Share your expertise and provide valuable feedback to aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, guiding them in turning innovative ideas into viable startups.
Inspire Participants
Inspire participants with your insights and experience, fostering a supportive environment where creativity and collaboration thrive.
Transformative Experience
Be part of a transformative experience that accelerates the growth of emerging talents and enriches your own professional journey.
Image of Guiding Aspiring AI Entrepreneurs
Inspire Participants
Transformative Experience

Be the change you want to see...

Being a mentor at the Techstars Startup Weekend PAI Palooza 2024 Tour Series will be an enriching experience that allowed me to guide and inspire the next generation of tech innovators. - Toby Morning, KWAAI.AI

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